Friday, 3 January 2014


Years after the Hive Quakes that ruined our fair Dome, the denizens of Dead End have managed to repair as best they can the area. Open pitfalls into the abyss to the Sump can still be found, but on the outskirts of the area.
Dead End settlement is hiring Watchmen to take care of the increasing dangers from the Ash Crack which is widening at an alarming rate. The local Enforcers have funded the search for Watchmen, as well as bolstering their own forces, gaining access to a Riot Control Vehicle - A Rhino. With gang activity on the rise, civil unrest is reaching fever pitch in the smaller outer settlements, creating a fierce tinderbox which only needs a spark to ignite.
Guilders are shipping in more goods than ever before as Dead End drags itself back to it's feet, becoming a major trading hub once more. Reports of Guilder caravan attacks and raids on Guilder warehouses are on the up, causing them to up their security systems, some of which apparently on par with the off-world systems of the feared Spyrers. Rapiers are also seen in the area of the warehouse compounds, but it is unknown if these are there as a show of force, or if they are fully functional death machines. There are more than just Lascannons attached to them, however. Auto Cannons are said to be installed to become fierce sentry guns, along with the trademark Guilder Servitors.

Enforcers process incomers from neighbouring Hives as they enter Dead End through Sector 3b.

Citizenship to Hive Primus has opened via the outer Domes. A screening via Enforcer databases from all of the Hives on Necromunda show previous criminal activity and affiliations and determine the fate of the Green Hivers. Sector 3b's Head Judge, Judge Shaver spoke of the screening techniques
"Hive Primus has received thousands of new civilians enter it's Domes in search of all manner of things. Hunting Archeotech Hordes, settling down, trading, the hopes to become traders or set up trade links between Hives, but occasionally, you find attempts from old gang fighters looking to set up in Hive Primus. If these are flagged up on our systems, our Enforcers are ordered to execute or move to Guilders, depending on the nature of their crimes. Often we find Bounty Hunters from our neighbours in the Ash that have come and plan to move into Hive City with their saved Creds, or to enlist their services to Lord Helmawr."
Many residents of Hive Primus have condemned the Enforcer Database, claiming that with the massive population of Necromunda going largely unchecked under the great walls of the Hive Cities, their information is largely flawed and that this is simply a front to keep the masses calm amid the huge flux of gang activity sweeping the Underhive.

Increasing attacks on the Ash Crack have called for a massive security increase on the Outer Hive wall.

Ash Waste Nomads hell bent on the destruction of Hive Primus and our Glorious Leader, Lord Helmawr, have been launching massive attacks on the Ash Crack, the broken section of Hive Wall situated on the outskirts of Dead End Settlement. A security barrier has been set up outside of the Ash Crack, spanning seven miles and guarded by a specialist Enforcer squad, known as the Shadow Protocol, trained in fighting in the hazardous conditions of the Ash Wastes. Within Dead End, however, a compound has been built as a second line of defence in the event a group of undesirables makes it past the Outer Guard. Watchmen are appointed to this section of inner compound bolstered by a civilian militia, even gang fighters within an amnesty have been set on watch in emergencies. These amnesties have on more than one occasion still resulted in bloodshed amongst the rival gangs, but had deserted their posts, leaving only the civilian militias to give reports on the sudden gang fighting.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Clash Of Swords. Spill Of Blood.

Could the truce between Delaque and Escher be broken? The Rogues and Bloody Rose were pitted against each other amongst the slag yards and factories in lower Dead End last week. Corben, infamous gunslinger-for-hire was spotted with Nix, of Bloody Rose, before the combat, apparently striking a deal. Corben has had a long standing issue with Delaque's The Rogues, since their first skirmish in Dead End.
Bloody Rose's Tina, the scarred combat veteran made short work of two Delaque fighters. Leaving DeeDee fighting for her life. Feared dead, The Rogues leader, Luther, refused to give up on her, getting her heart beating once more, but unable to remove the deep gashes in her face, leaving her horribly scarred, like her attacker.
Tommy was left in a sickbay with an infected wound, caused by Tina's deadly Chainsword.
Bloody Rose took minimal injuries, losing only the young gun Miley. Hudgens, considered by some to be the weakest member of the gang somehow managing to cling on to life against all odds, walking away from the fight unscathed.
Luther was seen pulling his men back from the battlefield, barely able to control Django, spitting blood at Malukah, swearing revenge for his team.
Rumours of a new Escher ganger joining the ranks after the triumphant victory are unconfirmed, but more traffic to the Bloody Rose hangouts has been noted.

Enforcer Chief Gary Shaver was unable for comment on the bloody combat witnessed by the residents of Dead End.


House Goliath has come under attack by Van Saar where it will hurt them most. Van Saar have begun manufacture of Plasteel within their occupied territories, moving in on Goliath business. The Plasteel factories have been owned solely by House Goliath since before the construction of Hive Primus. This move has prompted the Goliaths to take up arms against Van Saar and all who attempt to hijack their business. Goliath have been seen around Dead End, frequenting bars near Van Saar's Workshops, warehouses and drinking holes. 
Goliath weaponry has been reported moving into the area by Guilders, gearing up for all out warfare, it is feared.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Rose Is Blooded

Combat broke out after a lull in activity between the Tech Support and Bloody Rose gangs. Heavy Plasma shots ripped through the air destroying sections of dome wall and Hab zones. Stubber fire answered back, filling Dead End with the trademark thump of death, destruction and high calibre weapons.
The gangs met in an area which suited neither combat style. Ground was open, fire lines blocked, making the gang combat even more deadly. Choke gas was tossed around and used advantageously by the Van Saar gang while Escher's combatants were unable to deal any damage at all. A fevered push was made, but to no avail by Nix's warriors at the end of the skirmish.
Van Saar's attack on the Escher Settlement, which has been used heavily to recruit for the close combat gang, was a success, resulting in the protection of the hab zone's denizens falling on Ajunta and his team of well armed, highly trained soldiers.
Instantly, the settlement offered up a new recruit to their new protectors, continuing the legend of the zone founded by the Hive's earliest watchmen who, according to Hive Legend, fended off a Genestealer attack and Ork Warband simultaneously amidst the Hive's construction.


News of the infamous leader of The Kreeps, the Cawdor gang that terrorised the Narrows, lured Demonhead of the Alpha Domes Escher into a three way combat with The Fighting Dutch of Van Saar and fought alongside Alpha Dome's The Damned in an uneasy alliance against a horde of Zombies in Dome Romero, has been executed by a Spyrer Matriarch.
Lanegan, recently outlawed from an attack on a Guilder caravan, was reported to have died in a brutal melee, but as of yet, his body is to be found. Sects of Cawdor from all over the Hive have been reported to have claimed he will return to deliver divine retribution to the unclean.
Religious fanatics believe he has been reclaimed by the Redemption to be converted and brought into the fold uphive.

The "Lanegan Lives" tag that has been seen in Cawdor occupied territory all over the Hive.

Since the death of Lanegan, Cawdor have been a no show in the Hive, a mark of respect for their fallen comrade, or is it something all together more sinister? 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Blood Spilled In Dead End

A Four-Way battle spilled out across a Dead End Hab Zone between the powerhouses Bloody Rose of Escher and Rogues of Delaque, with the Van Saar's Tech Support and the Redemption spouting zealots of Cawdor, The Grey Council.
Following a Guilder's Servitor that went haywire and began pumping round after round of acid filled Hellfire bolts into the Hab Zone as the caravan passed through the area, apartment blocks collapsed, unleashing crates of mineral and weapon pieces. The gangs jumped at the chance to gain favour with the passing Guilders and Traders, the pick up and drop quickly descended into a fire fight.
The gangs didn't have their full forces, as the event was a matter of opportunity, with only four members of each gang attending.

Footage from a Bionic Eye removed from the haywire Servitor showing a Delaque ganger, believed to be Tommy, of Rogues.

Rogues dominated the field with fire power, opening up on both Tech Support and Grey Council, claiming wounding hits upon each. Escher were unusually quiet in their assault, firing only once, to no avail. Cawdor were happy to return the fire, only lightly wounding. Van Saar were the first to run from the area, carrying nothing but their injured comrade. Cawdor followed, but managing to take one piece of loot for their troubles.
Rumours of team work between The Bloody Rose and Rogues swept through the Dome, as Luther and Nix met in the middle of the field, split the loot and retreated. Both gangs kept rifles pointed at each other for the first sign of fire, but none rang out.


Hours later, Bloody Rose and the Grey Council were seen back in the area with a larger force, but still not a full Escher squad, searching for any missed loot. The two gangs opened fire upon each other without haste. Nix was heard to have laughed as she ripped into the Council's Warden Morgan with her Plasma Pistol. The unmistakable scream of white hot Plasma splitting the air, with the force of the long range hit enough to unnerve even the most hardened hiver, threw Warden Morgan from the ledge where he stood.
Tina, the Escher Juve that would have been forced to face down with Warden Morgan if her Leader had not kept her cool and her steady aim, took a barrage of bullets from two more of the hooded demons of Cawdor, Mouse and Karl Murphy, leaving her to bleed out and damaging one of her eyes.
Another round of firing was heard to have split the air, plus the clash of swords.
As Escher pulled back from the battle, Perri, one of the Bloody Rose's numerous new recruits, took a hit to the back of the head. Dazed and confused, but still on her feet, she rejoined her sisters.
Nix was seen later in the evening leaving Blessing's with her left arm in a sling.


Series Nine, Cawdor and Orlock face off against Zombies

Necromunda's favorite son, Lee Kennedy is set to return to our screens with the smash hit game show, Z-TV. The last series of the show brought to light the body part scandal which resulted in a number of vampire outbreaks in Dome Saturnine. After the case was dropped and Kennedy cleared of all charges, Hive Photovision Corporation quickly got Kennedy to sign a number of contracts for game shows. Already being billed as the host of Lord Of The Spire, this latest reveal shows that Kennedy has come from the other side swinging.

Series Nine, a Cawdor Juve finds himself in a tricky spot

Scuzz Precipice, Dead End's neighbouring dome where HPC film their top entertainment shows, has seen a huge number of workers preparing the area for the upcoming shows. A HPC representative gave released to us a title shot for another family favourite show!

The Juve favourite returns to our screens!


Seven years ago, Twenty hivers vanished off the face of Necromunda without a trace. The then Watchmen of house Delaque were tasked with investigating the occurrence, which none returned from. In total, Thirty people vanished in the space of a week, never to be seen again. Once thought to be an uprising of Ratskins, they were purged from the dome. The disappearances stopped and all was relatively quite in the Hive. Now, reports of Guilder caravans being found abandoned between settlements are on the rise. It was believed that Scavvies were behind everything, but when Enforcers found the caravans to still be full of their goods, all lanes of enquiry came abruptly to an end.
More reports were coming from neighbouring domes, Alpha Dome, The Narrows, The Abyss, Barrow Falls and Colony Neon about Guilder attacks. An Enforcer team was dispatched to investigate, which never returned. A second team went in search. The Enforcer's Rhino was located, the side ripped apart, blood covering the insides. The only remaining items were several Boltguns, spent shells littering the insides, blooded armour and a Bionic Eye.
The eye was recovered and inspected for the final moments of the user. An image was found on the internal drive.
Night vision captured footage of the attacker.

Laws passed prohibit us from saying which Hive the latest attacks have happened, due to the risk of panic.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Death Toll Rises

The streets flowed with blood and shell casings as gangs from the houses Escher, Delaque and Van Saar clashed in one of the Dead End Industrial/Hab zones.
Before Enforcers showed up on the scene, the Delaque gang, Rogues, dominated the battlefield, pumping round after round into the opposing gangs. Van Saar took a beating, but didn't manage to deal much damage themselves, resulting in Rogues steamrolling into their territory, liberating a Mine Workings and throwing Revan, a Tech Support (Van Saar) juve down into it. Escher's force, Bloody Rose, dealt damage to Tulak of Tech Support, through their Juve, Tina. Her shot left the Van Saar squad a man down permanently, as the Escher young gun claimed an outright kill.
"Mad" Donna Ulanti was reported on the scene, but as of yet, has not bloodied her chainsword in Dead End, a fact the local Enforcers are wanting to keep.

High Judge of the Imperial Enforcers, Adeptus Arbites Necromundan Division, Judge Grimes commented on the battles which are beginning to crop up in the wake of the Gang Truce,
"The gangs in question are to be held accountable for the violence that is gripping Dead End, and will face the full might of the Enforcers. Throughout the dome, we have been cracking down on gang violence, and it's only a matter of time until these central groups face justice."

Cawdor's Grey Council have been silent in the battles leaving rivals to wonder what their plans are. They have been spotted in the Hab zones of Dead End preaching their Redemptionist hate, thought to be gathering followers, swelling their numbers to that of a crusade.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bullets fly in Dead End

A mild Ash Storm from outside the Hive blew into Dead End through the Ash Crack, the widening hole on the outer Dome Wall of Dead End which leads out into the Ash Wastes, the ground level entrance for Guilders and treasure hunters last night.
The flurries of white ash covered the floors of Dead End's industrial section, where House Orlock hold several warehouses, making vehicles movement more difficult as traction was decreased. Hivers found that movement on foot, however, was not affected.
This was not a thought for Houses Cawdor and Van Saar, who didn't appear in the broken gang truce, an event which Nix, of House Escher's Bloody Rose gang, and Luther, of House Delaque's Rogues, did not take kindly to. "Deals were made between us an' them sump lickers Tech Support (of House Van Saar), and their failure to show up has rightly boiled us. Any possible assistance they require from us in the future is out the window. Them frikkers better watch their backs. No one betrays Bloody Rose an' walks away from it unharmed," Nix had to say on the event.
Luther was on hand to comment, "Those failed Redemptionist scumbags, Grey Council, were about to make their biggest deal, Delaque's contacts can make or break a gang, and buddy, they've gone frikkin' broke themselves. There's no frikkin' way they back away from our deals."
Told by their contacts in their own drinking holes, both Bloody Rose and Rogues heard of their deals being broken, however, as both gangs went to confront their former partners, they encountered each other. Each gang having been wronged were in no mood to be crossed by anyone and shooting began.
A Heavy Stubber rang out through the Dome, believed to be from Rogues' Johnny. The shots were followed closely by a scream from Bloody Rose ganger, Nade.
Brit, an Escher young gun, took a shot from Tommy's Hunting Rifle, dropping her to the floor, blood covering her shoulder.
Joey blasted at Tina with his Shotgun, knocking her off balance, she slipped from the ledge, hitting the floor, left rolling in her own blood.
Nix climbed into an open walled factory, pulling out her Plasma Pistol, flipping to High Power and slamming a beam of white hot plasma into young Jeffro, screaming at him to stay down, however the venting system of the Plasma Pistol kicked in, pushing out burning fumes onto Nix's hand, making her lose her footing and stumbling to the ground in a heap beside her fallen comrade, Brit. 
Chez took a hail of Autopistol bullets from Django, making her pass out from the pain.
The sirens of the Arbite Enforcers were heard as they slowly made their way through the fallen Ash, forcing the two gangs to part ways. Brit was left behind and picked up by Rogues leader, Luther. Luther sent word to Bloody Rose's drinking hole, Asari's Arms, that a trade could be set. A Lasgun for the Juve and equipment. Chez, Bloody Rose's Lasgunner had taken a wound which rapidly became infected from falling onto a patch of Rot Moss, and was hospitalized in the local med center, Doctor Blessing's Glorious Rapture, gave up her weapon for the good of Brit.
Upon heading to the exchange point, they found a factory that suffered from the ill fate of a Hive Quake, forcing a chuck of dome roof to collapse upon it, throwing high value items across the floor. Once the exchange took place, the gangs made a break for the loot, grabbing all they could, with the help of some hired Scum they brought along in case the deal went wrong.
Brit takes revenge on her captors, shooting Patches to the ground, unfortunately, her itchy trigger finger forced her to run out of ammo. Hot lead filled the air, but failed to hit anything other than walls and walkways.
Korben, the hired scum accompanying Bloody Rose opened up with his plasma gun into Peng, the scum who joined Rogues, and left him bleeding where he lay. 
Both gangs managed to capture three crates of loot each, leaving Orlock at a massive loss as a result. 
Enforcers were once again heard in the distance, breaking up the fight, but as Bloody Rose picked over the spoils, they found Patches, coughing and spluttering in the blooded ash where he lay. Another message was sent containing ransom, this time, Nix demanding the Lasgun's return. Another meeting was scheduled, with no bullets splitting skin. Patches was returned safely and the Lasgun once again changed hands.

With all hopes of a peaceful resolution to the bloody history of Dead End now lost, and bitter rivalries between four houses, only one thing is certain. A lot of blood will be spilled in the name of fame and fortune in the most brutal of Domes.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Myths And Legends - The Story Of Dead End

A gang truce has been called within Dead End following the capture and Execution of Bull Gorg, a renegade Pit Fighter who set up tolls for hivers entering and exiting Dead End, with extremely large traffic passing through Dead End Pass. Guilders amassed an army to capture this threat to our dear dome and launched a full scale assault. The streets of Dead End Pass, the neighbouring settlement to the dome main stead, ran red with blood. Massive losses were recorded to the Pit Slave menace and credit damage to the settlement reported to be in the thousands.
Sources tell us that an increasing amount of weapons has been making it's way into Dead End midst the truce, believed to be being doled out to four gangs of the houses Escher, Cawdor, Delaque and Van Saar. House representatives have been unavailable to comment on these allegations of preparing for conflict, but hivers have been making themselves scarce in the industrial zones.
Still profiting from the lull in violence however are the dome's hirelings, Gun-Scum have seen an increase in trade as treasure hunters move into the newly found, and highly unstable lower dome of Slime-Slick.
Juliet Starling reports.
 Treasure Hunters had swarmed to Slime-Slick for their chance to go down in history, uncovering hoards of Archeotech. Ancient domes, thought to be some of the Hive's very first have been found in the lower levels of the Underhive over the last decade, some of which have been repopulated, some found to be little more than sheer drops into an abyss, but this latest discovery has left some Dome governors scratching their heads. Reports of Ratskin totems, offering temples and missing caravans and treasure hunters have been rife since the discovery. Some who have returned have been left dumb with fear, gibbering insanely to themselves about the dome being alive, on occasion dying from seemingly insignificant wounds, scratches and rashes. One eyewitness report even told of a treasure hunter returning to kill the entire holestead that offered him place to sleep and eat. He was later found by a passing Enforcer Patrol, covered in blood and unresponsive to their orders, then shot when the treasure hunter attacked. One officer of the patrol, who is yet to be officially named, was taken to Dead End's leading medical practitioner, Doctor George Blessing. Nothing has been told of his condition.

Lee Kennedy returns to our screens hosting the Hive's most popular game shows from our neighbouring dome, Scuzz Precipice. We asked him for a statement about the new show, "Let's just say, that our contestants are in for a hell of a time, and our viewers for a treat! We've spared no expense on our prizes and with a return of a crowd favorite, Lord Of The Spire, we know you're all going to love it!"
Lee Kennedy who returns to our screens after a hiatus from the Hive Photovision Corporation after claims of selling body parts of contestants to medical facilities, resulting in a vampire plague in nearby dome Saturnine. No charges were ever brought forward. Chief Watchman Gary Shaver was also cleared of corruption charges due to lack of evidence. Let's just hope those missing witnesses turn up safe and sound.