Friday, 3 January 2014


Years after the Hive Quakes that ruined our fair Dome, the denizens of Dead End have managed to repair as best they can the area. Open pitfalls into the abyss to the Sump can still be found, but on the outskirts of the area.
Dead End settlement is hiring Watchmen to take care of the increasing dangers from the Ash Crack which is widening at an alarming rate. The local Enforcers have funded the search for Watchmen, as well as bolstering their own forces, gaining access to a Riot Control Vehicle - A Rhino. With gang activity on the rise, civil unrest is reaching fever pitch in the smaller outer settlements, creating a fierce tinderbox which only needs a spark to ignite.
Guilders are shipping in more goods than ever before as Dead End drags itself back to it's feet, becoming a major trading hub once more. Reports of Guilder caravan attacks and raids on Guilder warehouses are on the up, causing them to up their security systems, some of which apparently on par with the off-world systems of the feared Spyrers. Rapiers are also seen in the area of the warehouse compounds, but it is unknown if these are there as a show of force, or if they are fully functional death machines. There are more than just Lascannons attached to them, however. Auto Cannons are said to be installed to become fierce sentry guns, along with the trademark Guilder Servitors.

Enforcers process incomers from neighbouring Hives as they enter Dead End through Sector 3b.

Citizenship to Hive Primus has opened via the outer Domes. A screening via Enforcer databases from all of the Hives on Necromunda show previous criminal activity and affiliations and determine the fate of the Green Hivers. Sector 3b's Head Judge, Judge Shaver spoke of the screening techniques
"Hive Primus has received thousands of new civilians enter it's Domes in search of all manner of things. Hunting Archeotech Hordes, settling down, trading, the hopes to become traders or set up trade links between Hives, but occasionally, you find attempts from old gang fighters looking to set up in Hive Primus. If these are flagged up on our systems, our Enforcers are ordered to execute or move to Guilders, depending on the nature of their crimes. Often we find Bounty Hunters from our neighbours in the Ash that have come and plan to move into Hive City with their saved Creds, or to enlist their services to Lord Helmawr."
Many residents of Hive Primus have condemned the Enforcer Database, claiming that with the massive population of Necromunda going largely unchecked under the great walls of the Hive Cities, their information is largely flawed and that this is simply a front to keep the masses calm amid the huge flux of gang activity sweeping the Underhive.

Increasing attacks on the Ash Crack have called for a massive security increase on the Outer Hive wall.

Ash Waste Nomads hell bent on the destruction of Hive Primus and our Glorious Leader, Lord Helmawr, have been launching massive attacks on the Ash Crack, the broken section of Hive Wall situated on the outskirts of Dead End Settlement. A security barrier has been set up outside of the Ash Crack, spanning seven miles and guarded by a specialist Enforcer squad, known as the Shadow Protocol, trained in fighting in the hazardous conditions of the Ash Wastes. Within Dead End, however, a compound has been built as a second line of defence in the event a group of undesirables makes it past the Outer Guard. Watchmen are appointed to this section of inner compound bolstered by a civilian militia, even gang fighters within an amnesty have been set on watch in emergencies. These amnesties have on more than one occasion still resulted in bloodshed amongst the rival gangs, but had deserted their posts, leaving only the civilian militias to give reports on the sudden gang fighting.

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